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July 16 2018

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ok, one more. I couldn't stop. she's adorable.
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One more photo of the lovely emily ratajkowski
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Nice picture of Emily Ratajkowski. She posted this to her Instagram channel and I liked it so much I wanted a copy. This started an adventure to try and figure out how to download images from Instagram which is not very easy to do. I found a list of tools including downloadgram and that worked for me. I just found the post URL on Instagram and popped it into downloadgram and then was able to download the picture. And now you have it here.

January 06 2018

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Just hanging out at the beach.
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I like to cuddle...myself.
Tags: girl cuddle
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Kneeling in the dirt
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Striking a pose.
Tags: girl pose t-shirt

June 03 2017

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Feeling pretty jet-set.
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Very pretty girl standing in front of some rocks at the beach.
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Nothing to see here...

May 15 2017

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I'm kind of bored.
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Dreaming of a kickass torrent alternative. Or just sleeping. I'm not completely sure.
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Lost in thought at the beach.
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I'm just sitting here in my Calvins. Makes me think of Back to the Future.
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She's sad because Kickass Torrents is dead. Or is it? In December, it came back with a vengeance. Be happy, beautiful!
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Did you know Kickass Torrents has an unofficial Reddit community? Now you do. Kick ass!
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She's smiling about something. Maybe it's because she knows all about Kickass Torrents and where it's hiding these days. OK, kind of a stretch, but I've been reading up about Kickass on Wikipedia and the story is fascinating.
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Not much coverage in these parts.
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