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March 03 2019

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Bikini babe standing knee-deep in the water.
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pretty red dress and a bright white smile
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Beautiful in white
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Feeling a little naughty in the car
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Very hot brunette
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Margot Robbie showing off her big, blue eyes.

October 31 2018

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Happy Halloween!
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Beautiful brunette model standing in an empty street, wearing cut-off jeans.
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A striking brunette standing alongside a fence.
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Beautiful blonde standing by large rocks on the beach

September 15 2018

I think Soup's video posting is broken because the video I tried to post before won't embed. Here is a link to it instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyDUC1LUXSU
Wow! This video, which made Emily Ratajkowski a major star, is now already more than 5 years old. Robin Thicke disappeared into oblivion. I still remember playing this song over and over in the Spring and Summer of 2013. This was before Spotify when I would get all my music to my iPhone with a YouTube music converter. That was a long time ago.
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The elegant and very beautiful Margot Robbie.
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Margot Robbie in a bubble bath.
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Margot Robbie looking stunning as always
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Emily Ratajkowski showing off a straw hat while enjoying some cooling off time in the ocean.
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July 16 2018

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ok, one more. I couldn't stop. she's adorable.
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One more photo of the lovely emily ratajkowski
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Nice picture of Emily Ratajkowski. She posted this to her Instagram channel and I liked it so much I wanted a copy. This started an adventure to try and figure out how to download images from Instagram which is not very easy to do. I found a list of tools including downloadgram and that worked for me. I just found the post URL on Instagram and popped it into downloadgram and then was able to download the picture. And now you have it here.
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